Asurea’s List of the Top 10 Scam Report Resources

Asurea’s List of the Top 10 Scam Report Resources

by Leslie Freeland, August 10, 2016

For most people, there’s not a second thought about life insurance or mortgage protection insurance scams or fraud unless it impacts them. Yet, with cyber threats growing, it is more common than ever for an individual’s sensitive information to be lost or compromised.

Whether you operate a business or you are an individual who is concerned about your overall safety, it’s always important to be vigilant and knowledgeable. One of the best ways you can do this, especially for instances of insurance fraud, is to remain up-to-date on current threats, scams and fraudulent activity. You can never be too careful!

The good news is there are various resources and tools available to help you stay safe from life insurance or mortgage protection insurance fraud.

Here is Asurea’s list of the top 10 scam report resources.

1. Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud is one of the most important resources for those facing the risk of or concerns relating to insurance fraud. This is where to go if you want to learn about insurance scams or those who are running schemes.

2. Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is an excellent resource for all types of scams impacting individuals, including business-related scams, phishing, insurance fraud and tax fraud. Before working with a company, check this website as a first step.

3. Federal Trade Commission

The FTC not only teaches you about how to spot scams and how to deal with them, but the organization also offers a wider range of reports. It offers information on current scams and allows you to submit a claim if you’ve been the victim or have learned of such an instance. The organization handles loan-related fraud, making money and job fraud, and privacy and identity theft matters.

4. Consumer Reports

This particular resource from Consumer Reports is ideal for those who want a good source of ongoing or new scams. It’s updated often and includes many news pieces related to scams reported by other consumers.

5. National Consumer Protection

You can subscribe to email updates from National Consumer Protection to learn about scams and frauds. The scam-alert tool is perhaps one of the most effective ways of remaining up-to-date on current threats, including those against seniors.

6. Internal Revenue Service

The IRS website focuses mostly on tax-related fraud and scams, but it can sometimes include additional information for you. The organization provides information on how to spot and handle scam claims while also explaining the many ways scammers impact individuals. There are also videos and podcasts.

7. Federal Bureau of Investigation Scams and Warnings

If you’ve been a victim of a scam of any type, including insurance fraud, cyber scams or email scams, make sure to report them to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. The organization’s focus on this site provides a great deal of how-to information for individuals who wish to safeguard against scams.


At, you can learn how to protect against common scams, identity theft, online scams and more. This site does offers invaluable information for citizens t stay safe and informed regarding scams.


AARP provides a great deal of focus for seniors, but the information here is good for anyone. The site is routinely updated with information about current scams and provides help for consumer protection. This is also a good place to find information about Medicare fraud.

10. Food and Drug Administration

The FDA may not seem like the most common place to gather information about scams, but it can be a very important tool. It talks about the steps you can take to reduce risks as well as how to spot frauds and scams related to medications, insurance and even fake FDA agents!

By visiting these resources, you can learn about the current scams to watch out for and even research an individual company.



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