Don’t Fall for a Beauty Contest Scam!

Don’t Fall for a Beauty Contest Scam!

by Leslie Freeland, May 10, 2018

Beauty Doesn’t Have to Come at a Price.

Beauty contests are enjoyed by many people. Unfortunately, there are scammers who want to take advantage of the participants. It’s easy to get excited about an upcoming beauty contest, but it’s important to do your research before committing to one.

Here are a few signs that a beauty contest might be a scam.

Added costs

You were told the cost to participate, and when you sign up, they want more than they first stated. Cost inconsistency is one of the best ways to spot a scam. When a beauty contest is real, the individuals that run the show are excited to get as many participants as possible. That means that they’ll advertise the same participation cost to everyone.

Location lies

Call the advertised location in advance. If the proposed location has no idea about the contest. The website tells you that the contest will take place at your local performing arts center, but when you call the arts center for details, they have no clue they’re hosting a beauty contest. A surefire way to spot a scam!

Fake organization

Research is key to spotting a scam, and you should be sure to do a lot of it before signing up! Start by researching the location, as we mentioned, and follow up by searching for the organization to make sure they’re legitimate. If the organization is real, be sure to research how long they’ve been in business and who their directors are. You might also want to call some of the previous contestants to see what their experience with this particular agency has been.

Unrealistic prizes

If their website says that you could win an all-expense-paid, month-long trip to Italy with 12 of your closest friends, the pageant is probably a scam. Monetary prizes are common, but unrealistic monetary prizes are not.

Grammar and spelling errors

There is nothing more scammy than a mistake-riddled advertisement. If the flyer or website of the pageant has grammatical or spelling errors, you’re probably dealing with a scam. Legitimate pageant organizations will be sure that all of their content and publicity material is top-notch.


The pageant is the same day as another event at the proposed location. If you check the calendar of the location of the pageant and find that there’s another event that day, it could just mean that the location was double booked, but it likely means the pageant is a scam. Again, it’s best to call and find out for yourself!

Avoid pageant scams by staying aware

The best line of defense is doing your homework and researching all the details of the beauty contest before signing any papers or paying any fees.


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Leslie Freeland

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