Coalition Against Insurance Fraud | Top Scam Blog We Trust

Coalition Against Insurance Fraud | Top Scam Blog We Trust

by Angela Bass, January 9, 2016

The top scam blog we trust to provide accurate and up-to-the-minute information about insurance fraud is the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. If you are in the midst of filing a criminal report, but need help describing the crime in official language, this blog could be just the resource you need.

Here are some of its top features:

News and News Releases
Much like news wire services, this section of the website features up-to-date articles on the latest insurance scams out there. You can find new reports on the site almost every day, describing various types of scams and their perpetrators. If you notice similarities with your own encounter with a scam, you can bookmark those articles as a reference for later. You can also find news releases that the Coalition has distributed to the media.

Arrests and Convictions
You can check this list of recent arrests and convictions of insurance scammers who were recently brought to justice. Although it is unlikely that the person who swindled you is on this list, it couldn’t hurt to check it out. Maybe you will find similar characteristics, regions or last names to tip you off to crimes or criminals in your area.

These searchable articles on insurance scams can provide you with the research material you need in order to better understand how insurance fraud works — and how to attack it. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud has assembled hundreds of articles that you can search by author and subject.

If you need to dig a bit deeper into insurance fraud, then you can visit the Coalition’s periodicals page. Here, you will be able to find newsletters, journals, white papers, studies and other regular periodicals.

Fraud Blog
The quickest way to find out what’s currently under the Coalition’s skin, is by stopping by their Fraud Blog. The Fraud Blog is designed to allow you to scroll down the page, reading through article after article without needing to click on too many buttons.

Legislative News
Ever wonder how insurance fraud is being handled on Capitol Hill? On their Legislative News page, the Coalition provides insights as to how the federal government responds to fraud, in case you’re curious.

Protection against pitfalls and shady characters
One of the best ways to protect yourself from being scammed is by educating yourself about all the pitfalls and shady characters you may encounter. That’s why the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud website is the number one stop for the latest news and information about scams in our industry.

To stay informed, get more involved and support anti-fraud legislation through the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, consider becoming a member.





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Angela Bass

Angela Bass

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Angela Bass